Sunday, July 13, 2008

Almost too busy to post

Hey everyone,

Work has been busy.  I'm developing a butt load of motion graphics for CiCi's upcoming Fall teaching conference.  My plan was to post a bit of it here and show some of the steps I take from beginning to end, but that'll have to wait until I can get some breathing room.  I'm totally booked through mid August, but I just added one more project to the mix that I'll be solely producing.  I've hired the guys from Toons-N-Design that I worked with on the 3 animated shorts for Comedy Central to do most of the work.  I'm looking to do more of this because it's a great revenue stream without me having to do all the backbreaking labor.

Animation Mentor news is that I registered to participate in the Fall Maya workshop that'll go from Sept 29th through December.  I can't wait to get my information I need so that I can go out and purchase the software I need with my student discount.

I've told my CiCi's contacts about Animation Mentor and they are all happy for me.  I have yet to tell anyone about my animation pursuits and receive any push back.  Everyone seems to believe as I that this is truly a perfect fit for me.

I'm dying to find time to practice character animation on my own.  I know I'll have more time late in August to really begin to jump into nothing but animating cartoons, but I still think about it constantly.

I'm reading a new book called "Ideas for the Animated Short".  It's been great so far.  It's an easy read that actually contains solid content.   I'm really excited about another great book soon to be released by the legendary '90's animator, Eric Goldberg.  He's most famous for animating the Genie in the original Disney film, Aladdin.

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